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Stephen Beattie: Artisan Landscaping

Stephen Beattie

Leading Supplier of Topsoil, Organic Soil, Manure and Bark Mulch in the Vancover B.C Area

In 1986, Vancouver invited the world to join us for EXPO 1986. I had spent two years prior working on the Sky Train walkway from Paterson Station to the Twenty Second Street Station. This project was the gateway to my love for the landscape industry.

This was the birth of Artisan Landscaping. We initially started a small family business catering to our neighbours which allowed us an income, some satisfying work and the opportunity to watch our two small sons grow.

This quickly changed as we became a commercial contractor dealing with a portfolio of large corporations such as McDonalds Restaurants, Wall Financial Group, ICBC, and BCBC Housing to name a few. Over the years our focus has morphed numerous times as we’ve made changes to keep up with the constantly changing economy.

Over the last decade we saw a need to provide a service that had been overlooked in the landscape industry; the delivery of small loads to both contractors and residential projects.

We have further tailored our services to the home-owner who has chosen to create their own garden space and needed the supplies sourced out and delivered at a fair price. With our 26 years of experience, we have been able to source out and provide all your landscape materials in a professional and expedient manner.

We would like to thank the many customers that have followed us over the years. We take great pride in being the leading supplier of nursery stock and products such as topsoil, vegetable compost and garden blends in the greater Vancouver area. We are equally dedicated to transforming your property and garden and giving it the professional look it deserves. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.

– Ford F550 with a 11’ x 8’ dump box. Capable of carrying 7400KG, NSC certified
– Ford F350 with fold-down sides for easy loading and unloading