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Since 1987, Artisan Landscaping has been supplying and delivering superior landscaping products to commercial and residential customers in the Lower Mainland area. We’re ready to handle all your needs. No matter what, our trucks can get your order to your location in the minimum time possible. Call us at 778 TOP SOIL to order now.



This awesome organic blend is the base for all our soils. Whether you’re looking to take your garden to the next level or just looking to supplement your existing garden and replenish the nutrient value, we have the answer. Our customers call this organic composition “Black Gold”.

Cartage costs vary based on your location. For home or site delivery we have a 2 yard minimum. We also offer split loads to help keep your cost down. For pick up we have two locations:

Garden Works Lougheed: 6250 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby B.C. They have a machine to load your truck or trailer, as well as self-bagging option and friendly and knowledgeable staff. We have 9 products on display.

Garden Works Mandeville: 4746 SE Marine Drive, Burnaby B.C. They have a tractor for loading as well as the self-bagging option. We have 4 products on display.



This is quickly becoming our most popular Organic Product. After listening to our customers and working with our numerous suppliers, we’ve come up with the VEGGIE BLEND. This combination of materials builds the foundation for an excellent organic veggie garden providing tremendous yield.

Save the planet, grow your own. Our soil amender/well-rotted mushroom manure blend will not disappoint. We work with numerous schools, church groups and Plant a Row, Grow a Row programs. The joy of working your plot and then enjoying the fruits of your labour is priceless.



Ever wonder how your neighbour has such a lush green Lawn? We have the answer:

Our double-screened Organic Soil Amender is enhanced with a 45% blend of Sechelt Sand that has been washed to remove any silt or salt. Top dress your lawn with this nutrient-full Organic Blend and watch your neighbours wonder what you’re doing right. Our customers call this double-screened beauty “the Silk of Soil”. It is excellent to apply after aerating or power raking your lawn areas. This process is performed in the early Spring or Fall for best results.



Our Garden Blend is great for the new garden. We have added 25% sand to this very popular organic blend to assist in drainage when building a new garden. After the first season we would recommend topping up the garden with the Organic Soil Amender. This will give your plants a boost and set the foundation for a naturally fertilized healthy garden.



Dress your existing gardens with our most popular mulch. Our Fir is 100% Douglas Fir. We source dry land logs to provide you with the richest and most colou,rful of Douglas Fir. Top dress your gardens and watch how our deep, rich colours will make your green foliage pop. Need any more great ideas?



This bark product has a soil-like appearance with the added benefit of weed control. We recommend this when top dressing an established garden. Cartage charges vary based on your location.



We offer a wide variety of aggregates. We carry Pea Gravel in three sizes. Our Clear ¾” Crush is most popular, having multiple applications. We also offer a very colourful river rock from Chilliwack ranging from 2″–3″ as well as our 2″–6″ which is very popular with our designers creating the dry river bed look.



Our firewood division has experienced rapid growth with many repeat customers. We listened to our customer base when they expressed a need for quality firewood. We did our research and found that the best wood for wood-burning stoves, indoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and pizza ovens, is fully-seasoned Alder, Birch and Maple. These are all hard woods that provide maximum heat, while emitting very little smoke or spitting.

– Barn-Stored
– Split Alder, Birch & Maple
– Full Cord & 1/2 Cord
– Quantity & Quality Guaranteed

* Price based on time of year and availability

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